How to Bleach Your Hair With Lemon Juice

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if you're looking for a natural way to

lighten your hair without nasty

chemicals or expensive trips to the

salon then you can lighten your hair

with something you probably have in your

kitchen lemon juice lemon juice will

lighten your hair gradually even when

your roots grow out they will just add

depth to the new color instead of

looking unnatural and if you want to try

dyeing your kid's hair a natural

ingredient like lemon juice is the way

to go

ingredients 1 cup lemon juice freshly

squeezed about 5 lemons

1/2 cup warm water step 1 make a lemon

juice solution cut up 4 to 5 fresh

lemons and squeeze 1 cup of juice into a

bowl add half a cup of water then pour

the mixture into a spray bottle shake up

the mixture thoroughly so it's