How to lighten your eyebrows at home !!! (NO BLEACH)

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hello I am Lola Cates welcome to my

channel for anyone who does not know me

I am a professional hair colorist and in

today's video I'm gonna share with you

how I like to lighten my eyebrows

without using any bleach so if you would

like to see how I lighten these bad boys

please continue watching so first I will

show you the products that I use so I

like to use a professional hair tint so

it's a permanent hair color today I will

be using a color from the branch of all

I like using jabal on my face because it

does have a vegetable lip soms in the

hair tint which is good for sensitive

skin so today I will be using the shade

9.1 which is a very light ash blonde

also it just a little disclaimer

recommends that everyone do an allergy

test prior to going through with what I

am doing because this is hair tint and