Lighten The Color of Your Lace on Your Wigs, Frontals, & Closures VERY DETAILED!!

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okay you guys dump it straight into this

video you will need a basin or something

to put your water inside of and I have a

couple examples of lace that I cut from

like weeks that I make for my clients

customers and also review videos there

wasn't a big difference between all of

the color of lace but there was enough

difference so you guys can see exactly

what I'm doing inside of this video so

these two are normally what lace

closures most of the time lace closures

and fronts was coming these colors right

here this is the medium brown and then

this is the dark brown lace so I'm just

gonna take you and compare the color on

my arm so you guys can see this is dark

brown and then this is the medium brown

lace okay so that is what it looks like

up against my skin complexion notice

majority of the time the lace comes in