iPhone X Camera Tips, Tricks, Features and Full Tutorial

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hey there our sake here from sake taken

in this video I want to give you a full

list of iPhone 10 camera tips tricks and

basically a complete tutorial you paid

over a thousand dollars for this

smartphone and it's best that you know

how to use every aspect of its wonderful

camera so I'm just going to go over

every little thing that I think you need

to know to enhance your ownership

towards the end of the video for the

sake of people who want to get really

serious with this camera I will show you

how to get full manual control over the

iPhones camera which allows you to

individually tweak the exposure by

manually controlling things like the ISO

value the shutter speed and manual focus

much like a DSLR camera before I do dive

in I need you to fully understand that

the iPhone 10 camera is a dual camera