How I How i BRIGHTENED MY SKIN IN 6 DAYS| REALISTIC and Natural way to reduce hyperpigmentation

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in this video I share with you a simple

recipe that helped to brighten my skin

in seven days this is the recipe I'll

share the recipe at the end of the video

I'm just going to show you daily what my

experiences wear with this mask it did

work amazingly as you saw at the

beginning beginning of the video so

basically before my shower I go ahead

and apply this mask leave it on my face

allow it to dry completely before

washing it off and I did that for seven

consecutive days so once it's dry your

face kind of looks cracked it feels very

dry you can't really move your face

almost like you haven't mud masks on and

as you can see this little scaly things

look really dark so it's almost like

it's absorbing some of them dark pigment

from your face or it's removing all the

Sun time I don't know what it does but