How to Whitewash Travertine Floors

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so we had the idea of redoing our

kitchen and unfortunately when we put in

the new countertops our floors didn't

match so after thinking about what could

we do we decided that we could whitewash

our travertine floors so what you're

gonna need before you start I love this

product get this at Home Depot and this

is amazing for cleaning hard stains out

of your driver team this is the stain

that I'm using it's Bona drive a stain

in the color white when you do it make

sure that you're really getting all the

good stuff from the bottle this is what

our travertine floors look like

currently they're very gold not matching

the countertops at all so what we're

gonna do is we take a white stain all

right now we're using Bona dry fast

stained in white and what you do is you

take a brush and you paint it on you can