8 TIPS to lighten dark inner thighs FAST| Dr Dray

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but hey guys in today's video I'm gonna

be talking all about how to get rid of

hyperpigmentation between the inner

thighs I get a ton of requests to do

this video probably the most frequent

cause of hyperpigmentation between the

inner thighs is just irritation and

irritation very commonly is due to

chafing basically skin-on-skin contact

the inner thighs rubbing together or

really tight-fitting clothing jeans

rough fabrics that rub on the skin or

simply having dry skin can cause a lot

of irritation and when you remove the

hair in the area it's very easy to get

irritated from that no matter how you

are removing the hair also you can have

ingrown hairs and all that can lead to

hyperpigmentation another major

contributing factor to discoloration

between the inner thighs it's going to