How to Get 1 or 2 shades lighter : Skin lightening

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hey guys hope you're having a great day

and a great time whatever you are now

the most frequently asked question on my

Instagram DMS and also my YouTube is how

to get one or two shits later now

believe it or not I get IDM almost every

day asking me this particular question

and I've answered so many people on how

to do it but I thought let me just sit

down and make a video on it because I'm

sure that support while they are at home

watch my videos I would like to know how

to get one or two shades lighter by the

day but they haven't asked me yet or

something like that so I said let me a

sit down and make a hole with your int

now actually getting one options later

is actually very very very very simple

and very easy than you might think of if

that ask me how to get like 10 shades