How to Lighten Dark Roots to Blonde

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what's up YouTube most of y'all have

been watching my videos and I'm sure

y'all notice that it is time for a


like yo girl is long overdue for a

touch-up and I try something different

from my last video where I dyed my hair

you can see that there are different

levels of blonde in my hair my roots are

like a dark brown almost black color

then it goes into like a brown color and

then like a burnt brassy brown color and

then the nice blonde color that I want

you can see that the front and all down

the middle my hair needs to be lifted so

that the color blends and I don't have

like three distinct different colors

that don't transition well at all I

always dye my hair while it's unwashed

and you don't need to dye your hair with

freshly washed hair that's just my