How to remove old scars on legs fast? - Dr. Rasya Dixit

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hi I'm dr. Raza Dikshit I'm a

dermatologist practicing in Bangalore

since the last 14 years scars on the leg

have become very common especially

because when we are younger we tend to

have lots of accidents we tend to fall

down bruises cuts and in our youth we do

not always pay attention to how to

repair them or how to care so that the

skin there comes back to normal but as

social norms are relaxing more and more

women are wearing shorts and skirts to

work even men it has become very easy

for them to walk with shorts to the

office on casual Fridays it has become

important that the scars have to be

improved on the legs the problem in the

leg area is the skin turnover is very

slow so you do not get new skin turnover

so starts take a really long time to