Fading Red Hair to Strawberry Blonde!

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hello so on my last video I showed

myself going from my medium blonde hair

to this light copper red now I thought

it was gonna be a little bit more copper

and a little bit more light and ended up

being this very red color it's very

pretty but I realized that my commitment

level to this much of a change was not

quite as much as I was hoping for so I'm

gonna go through the steps and see what

I can do at home to possibly take out

the color at least hopefully fade it to

a level that I'll be really happy with

so I'm gonna try a few different methods

one of the methods is gonna be a hot oil

treatment so I'm gonna do a coconut oil

treatment on my hair says you leave it

in for about an hour and then it should

help release some of the color the next

treatment is to do vinegar or there's

like a vitamin C tablet either way it's