Doctor-Approved DIY Trick For Whitening Yellow Nails | Dr. Ian Smith

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hey dawn hi what's up you look so cute -

what do you want - a skin well I like so

many women have had years and years of

lots of bright colored nail polishes and

acrylics and fancy this well now when I

take it off I have ugly yellow

fingernails is this serious have I done

something wrong

can you repair finger fingernail damage

you can you can let me just start by

saying that this looks fine and in most

cases it look bad at all in most cases

people have yellowing fingernails

because of the polish of the polish

remover which we'll talk about in a

second but remember something about

fingernails fingernails are actually

sometimes the windows to the body's

health and so there are disease

processes that could be happening

internally that could be reflective if