Treating Moles and Dark Spots

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as we get your summer skin checklist

ready you may be noticing those moles

and dark spots that are once again gonna

be exposed by your shorts or swimsuits

what are they and should you have a

doctor remove them here's how to tell

moles skin tags if they bother you you

can remove them and they'll take about a

week to heal if you do that now to prep

for summer make sure to keep the newly

exposed skin covered from the Sun

ideally for healing you want to keep

vaseline or a barrier product on them or

keep it out of again lakes pools oceans

for at least a week and then during the

summertime really try and keep that area

covered other dark spots like sun spots

liver spots whatever you call them

they're more likely a combination of UV

rays and pollution and dr. Ingram says

they can be prevented with sunscreen