Bleaching Fabrics - How Much Bleach to Use?

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it's not quite time for NACA Khan yet

man it's just right around the corner

though getting close we got to get on

the ball I've got some other things that

we've got to take care of there's a lot

to be done yet maybe you'll be able to

try this at home if you need to figure

out what you got to do to make your

cosplay come out the way you need it to

this is pretty good experiment so

can't believe it you have been looking

for you literally like years

they have an event coming up that I've

got some really big plans for but in

order to make those plans happen I'm

gonna have to do something a little bit

different this year I'm gonna have to

cosplay which is something I've never

done before and you know since I'm not

that good of a seamstress or is that the

right word seamstress does that work for