How to FADE BLACK hair... fix a bad hair job. Hair dye job? fix your damn hair sis.

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on today's episode of Alyssa can figure anything out I lightened my black hair

so if you guys watch my last video I talked about how I dyed my hair darker

and I wanted mm-hmm and I lightened it and I'm just gonna kind of walk you

through that today my hair was darker than I wanted I originally thought hey

I'm the diamond hairs a little darker because my roots we're starting to grow

in and my roots are pretty light huh then right here it turned out black so I

was like I need to figure out a way to lighten this and they figure because I

just I'm in here I could just shampoo it it would be fine no no no when your hair

is almost black it's like doesn't budge so my hair is still dark it's just not

black and in different lights it looks even lighter than this right now thank

you I literally I can't wait for it to you but might not more you ever dye your

hair and then realize oh my hair look just five and actually love it now or

before huh whatever so I started panicking I was like wait I woke up in

the morning I scared myself and I was like this is not nope I was not meant

for this super super dark I think this is like the darkest I can go and I can

still rock with it making this wig a lean with a rock would I still look good

um not black and not darker than this and I will not go darker than this ever

again in my whole existence of living so anyway so I had to figure out what am I

gonna do I started googling how to lighten my hair all this stuff people

were using like vitamin C tablets all this stuff and honestly I was like I'm a

little afraid to lighten it in that way because the before and afters were it