Dark Wash Jeans to Light Wash Jeans - How to Bleach Denim

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okay so I have this jeans, it's a perfect jeans only I don't like the color.

I want to make it a bit lighter let's find some bleach first.

This one will do

Wear some old clothes

because bleach can be dirty and also some protection for your hands.

mix the water a bit with the bleach.

Get your jeans and submerge it into the water

I let it sit for about 5 hours. But keep an eye on it and turn it now and then.

The longer you let it sit the lighter it gets when the waiting is done rinse it

and then throw it in washing machine.

Keep in mind that wet clothes look darker so the final result will be lighter.

That's it, here you can see the difference.

As always thank you for watching

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