How To Get DARK MODE(sort of) on iPhone 5s,6,6 Plus

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hey what's up guys so as you know iOS 13

was announced at WWDC and unfortunately

if you have the iPhone 5s the iPhone 6 6

plus or the iPhone se you will not be

getting iOS 13 and one of the major

things that people looking forward to

apart from the various other upgrades is

dark mode but what if I told you that

you could get dark mode on your iPhone

5s or all of these devices that are not

getting iOS 13 without jailbreaking so

it's a simple thing it's no 3rd party

app it's a simple setting which is

hidden in your settings so before that

let me show you that the version of iOS

that I'm on so as you can see I'm on iOS

12.3 and even if you operate by OS 12.4

it's still gonna be there obviously so

the setting is you go into accessibility

go into this via accommodations invert

colors and choose smart invert now