DIY Dark Hair to Blonde Hair | How To Get Blonde Hair Without Damage | At Home Hair Lightening

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how you guys welcome back to my channel

for welcome if you're new my name is

Melissa and today I'm going to be

showing you guys how I went from dark

hair to light hair at home with a pretty

quick process that gave me a little to

no damage so I'm going to show you the

products that I used and also the steps

that I took to achieve this color so if

you're interested keep watching so I

just want to start this video by saying

that I am a licensed cosmetologist I am

NOT practicing I haven't been working

professionally in a salon

for many years it's probably been at

least eight years since I've been in a

salon so um yeah I do have background

knowledge and I do know some basics to

like you know be helpful but I just

wanted to give that disclaimer I am NOT

like current and you know everything I