How to Bleach your Hair at home with hydrogen peroxide in 2022

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if you are looking for a cheap easy way

to brighten your hair or bring out your

natural highlights consider bleaching

your hair with hydrogen peroxide this

video will show you how to bleach your

hair using hydrogen peroxide 1 gather

your supplies to bleach your hair with

peroxide you'll need the following

materials a 3% hydrogen peroxide

solution an empty spray bottle you can

buy a new one at the drugstore or use an

old one you have lying around the house

hair clips cotton balls a towel to wash

and condition your hair on the day you

plan to bleach your hair wash and

condition it as normal to make sure the

oils and grime caused by natural wear

and styling products don't interfere

with the peroxide let your hair air-dry

instead of blowing it dry Pat it dry

with a towel to keep it from dripping