Hairdressers Guide To Coloring Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It

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hi beautiful I know a lot of us out here

are well at our breaking points which

means a lot of at-home haircuts at home

hair color a lot of hair disasters

everybody who wants to do something

drastic to their hair right now in order

to just feel something and I get it over

the years I've watched so many color

bleach fail videos I've learned a lot

actually on what people are doing at

home that is making their hair look so

bad so that knowledge is gonna help me

today bring you guys the basic knowledge

of how to properly color your hair

yourself at home

I'm gonna debunk all this sort of myths

I'm gonna tell you what things people

are doing right what things people are

doing wrong and make sure it doesn't

fall off we'll go over everything from

bleaching toning to aftercare and so