Lighten and Darken Paint Colours

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hey I'm Kylie of Kylie I'm interiors

online color consultant and a design

specialist today we're not talking about

a specific paint color we're going to

talk about lightening and darkening

paint colors nothing drives me crazy err

then when I specify that a color should

be lighten or darken by 25% maybe 50%

and the paint store says oh no we won't

do that you won't see the difference oh

you oh you'll totally see the difference

I mean I can't account for the fact if

you don't really see colors and you just

kind of it all looks gray to you but

really if you're looking to see a shift

you're gonna see a shift and that's why

I suggested so if you're making cookies

and you take 25% of the recipe but out

you're not gonna get as many cookies

right or if you add a little bit more

sugar into the recipe you're gonna get