How to lighten nylon or polyester fabric with bleach and water

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this is my dilemma with polyester nylon

types of fabric that you might order

online or you go to jo-ann's fabric or

something and then you get home or you

get back to your shop and you realize

that's not the right color it's too dark

so with polyester nylon you can't really

die that very well you can with some

dyes but let's say the color is just too

dark so if you could see this too how

about getting ready it's too dark I did

a sample and this is actually the color

I need was blush this was supposed to be

blushed but it as you can see it's coral

it's not blush and I needed it this

color so I experimented and I figured

out that you know I could just bleach it

boil it and it'll get me to the color

that I want because you have to add heat

to nylon in order to open up the fiber

so it'll accept whatever you're trying