How to Lighten Eyes in Photoshop

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in this video we can learn how to make

eyes stand out and have dimension by

adding a thicker light makes so much

more difference so this is pretty quick

so without any further ado let's get

started so here we are in Photoshop

world so before we get very big thank

you to Andres Vargas for submitting this

photo he's an awesome photographer much

appreciated brother if you want to take

more of his work go ahead and check it

out right here select the elliptical

marquee tool and let's zoom in and make

a selection around the eyeball okay now

this might not be perfect pro tip if you

want to move the selection hold the

spacebar so when you hold the spacebar

you can easily move the selection this

is good now let's adjust accordingly

stay away from the corners okay stay

away from these corners of the eye and