How to Get Rid of Dark Circles - 7 Pro Tips and Natural Remedies

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so have you ever woken up and had dark circles under your eyes? well in this

video I'm gonna share with you 7 Pro tips on how you can get rid of dark

circles. let's take a look hey what's up this is dr. Allen here from the doctor eye

health show helping you learn all about the eyes and finding the best vision

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you don't miss any of my future videos a lot of people have dark circles because

you can see their blood vessels in their eyelids and that's either because they

have more capillaries or the ones they have are thicker and larger and because

the skin of the eyelid is the thinnest in the body you can see them more easily

so my first tip is to shrink your blood vessels with caffeine caffeine acts as a

diuretic to help get fluid out of your body but it also helps to constrict your

blood vessels at least momentarily so drinking a cup of coffee or a cup of

black tea can help constrict your blood vessels and get the dark circles to be

less apparent you can also try the moistened tea bag trick if you want

because caffeine can also be absorbed through the skin

that's exactly why some medications and creams for dark circles have caffeine in

them as an additive tip number two is to also treat eye allergies your eyelids

and the blood vessels within the eyelids become inflamed very easily due to

allergies allergic reactions are caused by a chemical called histamine, histamine

causes your blood vessels to dilate and start to release more fluid that fluid