CZ 452 / 455 Trigger Spring Kit - CZ 455 Trigger Job - CZ 452 Trigger Adjustment M*CARBO

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hey I'm carbo brother I'm Chris Nelson

present and I'm carbo really excited

introduced new cz 452 455 turning spring

kit for your cz bolt action rifle

fantastic upgrade giving you nearly a

50% triple reduction

excellent smooth crisp trigger put for a

fantastic firearm let's jump on over the

tabletop put this baby in carts and

tools needed for this build the cz 452

455 trigger spring kit by M carbo a 1/16

inch punch a hammer your torques t30

that's the six point star bit block of

wood with the hole in it there's always

guys make sure you're wearing AI pro

before we go any further let's go ahead

and check our firearm together make sure

they're clear remove the magazine check

the chamber check the bolt face check

the magazine well this firearms clear