How To Lighten Stamped Concrete

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hi my name is Jason and I'm so glad that

you're with us today today we're going

to be showing you guys you know a lot of

times when we stamp concrete

obviously everybody knows there's a lot

of variables that go into it you know

just whether it was in the shade you

know a full Sun you know what time of

year it was that depending on all those

things can determine you know a lot of

how the much release agent sticks to the

slab and what I've been doing for the

last probably 10 years is using one of

these buffing machines and these green

grip pads on a buffer and buffing the

the surface of this and the reason that

I really like this is because it only

hits the high spots and it leaves the

dirt response you know in the in the

lowest crevices and things of the other