Window Tint in a CAN?!? *Spray Painting Car Windows*

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look it literally looks like that looks

like five what's up guys welcome back to

the channel I'm stopping here for the

first time welcome today I mean we're

doing something kind of crazy but while

ago I made a video on night shading your

taillights and it's a cheap ma the cans

about 15 bucks but it really changes the

look at your truck now there's another

thing that changes the look at your car

or truck and that is window tint like

everyone asking all the time well how

did you learn out of 10 what did you do

all that stuff

and it's actually a skill I mean it

takes time and whatever to learn however

what if we can take out the skill part

of all of this and make it something

that everyone can do and that's painting

spray painting nonetheless are we able

to use a nice shade as window tint