one year c section scar update

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hey what's up you guys welcome back to

super Jess TV this is my one-year

c-section update video I can't believe

I'm saying that one year I have a

one-year-old that is insane

but anyways welcome I hope you guys are

staying safe this is a very crazy time

and my heart goes out to you if you're

currently pregnant it's already scary

enough to know that you're gonna go and

deliver a baby and then knowing that

you're going during this time it's

probably probably really like

nerve-wracking so yeah my prayers go out

to you because you're pregnant right now

maybe you're watching this video because

you know you're gonna have a c-section

so I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys

that this car right now and then I'm

gonna go ahead and like try to give you

guys some tips and just things that I