DIY: 5 Ways to Lighten Blonde Hair Naturally

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

and in today's video as you can tell by

the title it is going to be how to

lighten and brighten your hair without

bleach or high-lift colors or basically

without chemicals this is how to lighten

your hair with basic products that most

of you will probably have in your house

or kitchen right now all right now I do

have to say this isn't for someone that

say is brunette and you're going to get

this blonde like that that you can't do

naturally with the botannical and

natural products it's just it's not

gonna happen so obviously you'd be the

judge of how much lightness you really

want to bring to your hair but I'm gonna

start with the one that will give you

the least so this is basically if you

just kind of want a little bit of

shimmer to your hair and that is with