How To Lighten Dark Bikini Line For GOOD! No more dark spots.100% works!

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hey guys is Chandra back with another

video thanks for joining

are you a part of the family yet I'll

wait hold on go ahead and click the box

subscription yep yep yeah let's be a

part of the fam one second


alright welcome so as you can see on the

title we are going to talk about how to

make sure our kitty is pretty you know

saying PSA though don't be ashamed if

you have like hair bombs and

discoloration and all that it's very

normal to have with being a melon ated

queen or king if you are going through

this it's all good

but I have found some ways on how to

make mine look better it's definitely

not perfect but we get in there so let's

go ahead and talk about it so number one

you have to have to have to exfoliate