How to lighten dark footage easily - Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

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hello everyone welcome back to another

adult Premiere Pro CC tutorial guys

we're in Premiere Pro CC 2018 as you'll

be able to see here guys and in this one

I'm gonna show you how to relight dark

footage or how to brighten dark footage

okay let's click off of that so here we

go guys I've got some stock footage

selected and I got this from PEC sales

video or video pixels and if you guys

want to follow along with me just throw

in any old footage the darker their

better and I'm gonna show you how to

relight this extremely easy it's gonna

save you a lot of hassle for those you

filmmakers out there I just I just drag

and drop it into the timeline just to

create a sequence here but for you

filmmakers out there that are out

filming and you don't have the right

lighting equipment or you're not sure if