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hey guys welcome back to my channel so a

couple of months ago maybe was a year

ago I filmed my self tanning routine

kind of start to finish and how I make

it last so I thought I would kind of do

like a follow up video and showed you

guys how I remove my tan like top to

bottom so normally if I'm just like

refreshing my tan I will just gently

exfoliate my skin and add another layer

of self-tanner on but when your tan

starts coming off and patches its up you

really can't add on to it without it

being uneven and release watching so the

self-tanner on my feet is beyond

eruption so that's kind of like my main

issue and I'm going to show you guys

like how I take everything off and just

get like a clean slate that when you get

a perfect even tan so I'm going to show

you guys what I use and how I do it real