HOW TO FADE SURGERY SCARS | Thyroidectomy | Scar Care | Graves' Disease

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hey guys welcome back to my channel or

hello if you're new it's going to be my

child to care for your garv ideo or

ultimate your scar and visible ASAP if

you're interested in that if you have

any surgery scars and why don't you keep

on watching I've actually gotten a few

requests to do this video since I has

been sharing my journey of Graves

disease on my channel I have also talked

about my thyroid ectomy that I got in

the summer of 2015 so it's been about

one and a half years few people have

asked me how I took care or still do

take care of my surgery scar that I have

I don't know if you can see it from this

far away but I'll definitely put in some

pictures so you can see how my scar

developed if you're interested in what

grave diseases so why I actually had to

get the surgery I'm going to put in a