Remington 700 Trigger Tuning

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hi and welcome back to the first upgrade

and the Remington - to jury series now

the first thing I'm going to upgrade in

this rifle is the trigger slowly because

it's it's reading between five and seven

pounds that's not I got 7.1 pounds quite

a lot it's inconsistent and it's it's

very heavy

now everything I'm going to show you in

this video can be done on the x mark Pro

which is this guy here that has this

little screw in the blade

I think the X mark doesn't have the pro

but I'm pretty sure the series are in

the same places and this version I have

here which is the pre X mark Pro now if

you don't feel comfortable doing this

yourself don't but I'd rather people get

a rough understanding of how it works

rather than try it do it wrong and cause

failure if they do it correctly and