How to Brighten Portraits in Only 2 Minutes in Photoshop

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today I'm going to show you how to

brighten up any portrait in Photoshop in

under two minutes


hey guys and welcome to phlearn my name

is Aaron NACE and you can find me on

phlearn comm where we make learning fun

and in today's tutorial we're gonna show

you some kick hiney ways of brightening

portraits in Photoshop we've actually

got a couple of different techniques

that we're gonna stack back to back if

something's really dark in your image

it's also gonna have like totally d

saturated colors and when it comes to

skin tones that's a no-go so we're gonna

brighten up those skin tones and we're

also gonna color correct them to make

sure that they actually look good once

you brighten them up and to make this a

little bit more spicy we're gonna be