how I dye my natural hair blonde (NO bleach, NO damage) | type 4 hair

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a lady may give em a welcome back to my

channel I'm back with another video this

is a highly requested video that I'm

finally recording so you're welcome in

this video I will be showing you the

process of me dying my hair I feel like

every time I come here it's a different

process because I learn more watch more

videos and see what methods I could do

to like optimize my dining experience

and make sure that the color comes out

the way I want it to come out you know I

mean I'm doing things a little different

this time I'm super excited

and I went ahead to the beauty supply

store I'm sure y'all y'all have to

grease me three of them are the lightest

I'm about to go so I just realized that

I bought light golden blonde three of

them are this one of them is freaking