Dating Tips for Guys: One way to tell if she is interested in you

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so you met this girl and you went out

once or twice but you're not sure if she

really likes you and you're not sure if

she's really interested perhaps she

canceled your dates too many times

before she eventually did go out with

you or maybe she's not that good about

returning phone calls sometimes she

would call you back sometimes it would

take her a day or two or even longer to

get back to you and sometimes she

forgets to return your phone call

altogether so how do you know based on

that inconsistent behavior whether that

girl is interested in you well one very

effective way to find that out is by

thinking about one girl in your past who

you know was interested in you think

about that one girl who really liked you

who you know that she liked you do you

remember how she would always show up

for dates do you remember how she would

almost never cancel and if she did she

would usually suggest a different time

to meet because she looked forward to

seeing you do you remember how it wasn't

even an issue whether or not she was

gonna return your phone call you never

had to worry about it and you never had

to put too much effort into getting in

touch with you with her because she

would always get back to you whether

it's my phone but it by email or

otherwise so inconsistency means that

the girl is not really interested in you

the girl who is interested in you and

who likes you and who wants to get to

know you better is thinking about you

just as much or more than you're

thinking about her so she will be there

for dates she will look forward to

hearing from you on the phone and she

will call you back always and promptly

thank you