Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend (Don't Let Him Slip)

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hey welcome back so you have this friend

who you either know for a long time or

just met you notice something odd about

him but like in a good way he's really

nice to you and you guys just click now

you're wondering if he has feelings for


yeah I know you don't want to flat out

ask him because that will kind of ruin

the friendship you guys have going on or

make things awkward if he says no so to

understand him a little bit more I've

compiled a lists a list of 15 signs he

likes you more than and friend number 1

he wants to know you better when a guy

likes you he just wants to know

everything about you he wants to know

how you got the scars on your arms every

tragedy you've ever been through and the

when you grew up this doesn't mean that

he just wants you to talk he genuinely

wants to know more about you later on

you'll see that the stories you share

will help him create a stronger bond

with you when a guy is attracted to you

the way he approaches you and talk to

you will be different you will realize

that he cannot easily forget your

stories and since you are open to him

about it he will open up to you as well

number two he gets physical with you he

will want to be close to you as possible

you will find lame excuse to touch you

but of course an appropriate way if this

is the case just know that he wants to

move the relationship to the next level

just notice those excuses like brushing

your shirt touching your hand giving you

hugs or giving you a high-five just to

come in contact with you on the other

hand there are shy guys who do not do

this and that's okay because he respects

you and totally understands personal

space but being physical with you is a

strong indicator that he likes you

number three he will remember the things

you tell him if you happen to share his

story with him especially regarding your

personal life he will remember the

details of it you will probably remember

it way better than the exams he trying

to study for it last night he will never

forget your birthday your dog's name

your hometown your favorite food and

other my new details in reality a

typical guy would not care about things

like that if he didn't like you however

since he does then there must be some

form of attraction if he remembers every

you tell him that it means he's trying

to pursue you or that he has a

photographic memory which is unlikely

true number four watch out for those

long gazes when a guy has a crush on you

again just sit there and daydream about

you or keep staring at you because he

can't get enough of you sounds creepy

right but wait it's true when you like

something and you don't know if you

can't get it you're just there I did

like it kids staring at a toy but in

this case he's staring at you because he

wants a relationship with you if you

catch him looking at you frequently

there's a great chance that he's falling

for you already

number five he takes initiative whatever

he wants to do he'll be the first to do

it and ask you whether it's going out

together messaging you or doing other

things to get your attention at this

point he already has it in his mind that

he is set on pursuing you you'll will

know that he won't finally gather up the

confidence and courage to do such a


and that's probably hard for some guy to

do so be prepared for that if there's an

opportunity or he knows that you are

interested in him as well he'll be the

first to ask you out

number six he calls or messages you a

lot or he does both he will find excuses

to call or text you if he likes you

friends normally text each other but if

he calls you then there could be

something more to it if the call lasts

more than an hour you can tell that he

is interested in you if you want to hold

a conversation with him you can check

out my other video on how to keep a

conversation going with the guy link is

in the description if you want to check

it out but at the end of the day it's up

to you to determine whether the cause

are normal or if there's something going

on as for texting you know that those

good morning texts and those good night

text will be the norm and you bet you'll

get at least one text a day from him if

he is interested in you

number seven he gives you lots of

compliments look at how many times he

tells you that you are smart or dressed

beautifully if he is the kind of person

that doesn't like complimenting people

but takes every opportunity to

compliment you then you can be sure that

he has some feelings for you I mean who

doesn't want to be shower

with compliments inside and out number

eight watch out for jealousy this is

super obvious if he gets jealous when

you talk to other guys then it's a

strong indicator that he likes you if

you share your love life that's opposite

from his thoughts and he responds in a

jealous way then that's a strong sign

that he likes you more than a friend

this is the hardest to fake or even

conceal the stronger his feelings for

you the more jealous you will get when

he sees you with another guy

number nine he makes you laugh sometimes

a teaser two won't hurt you but will

make you laugh he won't cross the line

and go overboard and be mean to you

he'll crack some corny jokes with you

just to make you laugh if he can make

you smile and laugh every time then he

can be a potential keeper sometimes a

funny guy is just what you want to have

a happy relationship number 10 he talks

to you differently maybe he is not the

kind of person that is open to share

everything with his friends but he opens

up to you observe the detail he share

with you if he shares some of his most

sensitive information with you then it

is a sure indicator that he likes you

enough to do it men are open to share

sensitive information with those people

that they trust and like watch and

compare the way he talks to you and his

friends is is something special and

different how is his tone of voice a man

who wants to move his friendship with a

woman to the next level will not just

talk to her like one of his guy friends

or an acquaintance number 11 he respects

you if a man doesn't respect you then he

is not worthy of you he will respect

your values opinions your time and

overall you as a person he won't be

forceful and try to change you because

you are you and you are unique and

that's what he likes about you if he is

not respectful then I believe you

shouldn't be with him to begin with

because imagine the relationship down

the road you will have many differences

and break up now do you want that number

12 listen to his comments concerning

other women if you pay close attention

on how he comments about other women

then you can be sure whether he won

- relationship advice or if he wants you

to realize that you are the woman he

wants he might ask you what kind of guy

you want in your life this will help him

understand you more and plan his next

move to try to get with you if he shares

some information about his past

relationship then he may already trust

you and want you to know where he is

coming from and he has nothing to hide

but that's if you ask him and he's won't

he shared the information with you this

leads to number 13 that he doesn't

mention other girls with you I believe

this is common sense but just in case if

the guy really likes you he probably

won't bring up the other girls or vent

about them that's if you decide to ask

him he will never want to jeopardize a

chance with you by bringing up the past

doing so will just make him seem like a

player if he has a long history and

girls typically don't want to date a

player unless you're really into that

then this doesn't matter I guess number

14 he likes being around you he is

always happy to see you his face will

lighten up with a genuine smile all the

time when he is with you he likes

listening to your problems or simply

listening to you talk because he wants

to be there for you also he does it

because he cares about you he wants to

spend more time with you because he

likes you if he flirts with you that's a

strong sign that he's into you but at

the same time he wants you test the

water to see if you're interested in him

or not if you like it then just let him

continue being him number 15 pay

attention to his body language hey guys

body language can tell you a lot about

his interest in you I've created a video

talking about how he guys she really

likes you with body language you can

check it out if you want link is in the

description to briefly go over this you

can check and see if his body is engaged

with you when you are talking to him if

his front body is facing towards you

then he is engaging with you and paying

close attention he may also lean close

to you when you are talking also watch

if he locks eye contact with you again

physical contact is a huge giveaway that

he's into you

you know those accidental bumps and hand

brushes who does

to touch you yeah those they aren't so

accidental now that you know overall if

a guy really likes you then he will

eventually ask you out but that is if he

genuinely feels that you're interested

in him as well some guys can be direct

and some guys can be shy at times for

those that shy guys you should give him

a little push or reciprocate your

feelings back to him so he knows your

sign once he feels comfortable and know

you are more likely to say yes he will

ask you and want to move the

relationship to the next level

I hope these signs will help you and if

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