♥ How to let a girl know you like her ♥

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hey guys it is Coco so today I'm going

to do another advice video today's video

is on how to let a girl know that you

like her now I think this is gonna be a

really short video because it just comes

down to this one little thing and that

is to leave little hints now I know that

you guys don't understand hymns most of

the time totally fine but as girls we

get hints like hands are the way to get

our attention so how do you let a girl

know that you like her is by letting her

think that you like her so don't be too

forward about it because that will

actually scare a girl away a little bit

um here's the thing girls are like it to

be needy I guess to a certain extent we

don't like it when somebody throws

himself is or herself that matter

doesn't matter but we don't like it when

somebody throws himself at us because

it's too easy and we don't really feel

like it would be a reward which is

totally superficial but for some reason

it works that way so hard to get is the

way to go

now of course once you are dating that

girl then hard-to-get is a no-go because

it makes us feel miserable um

we want attention and that's just the

way it works because we're needy like

that and if you want a video on how to

keep a girl happy then totally leave

that down below and I will make a video

on how to keep a girl happy but the way

to get a girl's attention is by dropping

little hints that you like her or - the

way to let a girl know that you like her

little hints an example fat is just

compliments when you go up to your girl

and you give her like a random

compliment out of nowhere

don't even go overboard just like I like

your hair something like that because

most guys don't tell girls that everyday

and most girls don't get told that a lot

so tell him/her that her hair looks good

just ran them out of the blue or that

you like her um don't ever feel like you

I like your eyes or anything like too

romantic like that just be a little bit

it's not it's gonna be like a compliment

as kind of

normal and doesn't have to necessarily

mean anything that is the kind of

compliment you want to get you like her

outfit you like her shoes you liked her

hair but not like I like your face or

you know or you're really sweet or

anything about her personality but

something about what she's drawing what

she's doing what she's wearing something

like that um when you give that to a

girl the first thing she'll think that's

oh that's so sweet

and then after a while she'll come home

she'll be by herself and she'll be

thinking why did he give me that

compliment out of the blue and that is

how you get a girl's attention I keep on

saying that instead of that is how to

let your girl know you like her because

that's what this videos about anyway so

to get her to think about whether you

like her or not that is the way to yeah

get her attention basically and from

that moment on she will pay more

attention to you what you say how you

act because she wants like decipher

whether you like her or not so yeah to

sum it up like I said shortest video

ever to let a girl know that you like

her be subtle about it and then she will

start to pay attention to it and then

once she starts to pay attention to it

she might start to give you compliments

too or a lot that you are be looking at

you a lot and that's when you can kind

of step up your game and slowly start

flirting with her um but the little

compliments are definitely the way to

begin so yeah and to keep her interested

I don't know I hope that is helped you

guys in any type of soda way so once

again if you want me to do a video on

how to keep a girl happy then leave it

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coconut enjoy the party family my hair

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next video bye guys