How to Let A Girl Know You Like Her (Without Telling Her)

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look it doesn't matter how many you

think you are no man can be macho enough

to fight the nerves and pity you get in

your stomach when you see that girl you

like now and order that you don't sound

like that duck feet duck when you try to

ask your girl out and then you miss your

chances on the girl of your dreams

because she just shut you down here is

the most fail-proof way of telling you a

girl you like her without actually

telling you this is great because if she

says yes it was stress-free and you're

just one if she says no did you even

really ask her out number one you got to

speak up you're just acting like you're

just too cool for school and completely

ignoring this chick it's never gonna

cross your mind that you have any sort

of interest in her which means you're

gonna have to give her some sort of

attention without being that thirsty

needy guy that she usually is

encountered with so smile at her be

genuine be warm do something simple as

saying hi to her when you see her this

genuine warmth that you give her will be

clearly different than how you portray

or talk to others which is just gonna

make it evident in her mind then you

have some sort of interest in her number

to spend some time with her one you can

and don't be an idiot but try to show

her that you liked us be in her presence

that you like to spend time with simple

things like offering her help to study

together or helping her finish a project


or even something simple and chill and

relaxed like asking her if she wants to

go grab a cup of coffee together that

lets her know that you actually like her

presence you like spending time together

without actually telling her that you

like number three you got to be prepared

like for anything because last thing you

want is to be fishing and finally hook

is 100-pound bass that's a trophy fish

and then have it swim away because you

messed it up because she finally

realized that when she gave you a chance

you're actually a slob and I can't tell

you how many times this happens in real

life because guys keep fishing and

fishing and once they hook something

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you're gonna want to tease her this is

exactly how you separate yourself from

the nice guy you see the nice guy he

would also try to spend time with her

like I just mentioned above but he's

just so needy and it's also so scared of

losing her that he just adds like this

perfect little puppy and caters to her

every need and just tries to help all

the time you on the other hand take this

opportunity that you're spending alone

together to teaser to flirt with her

when you just do it right it can be seen

as you're comfortable enough to just

drop that being so perfect at and just

make the interaction a little bit more

intimate that intimacy then build suck

attraction which lets her know that you

like her without actually even telling

me and yes number five let me explain

because I didn't even tell you how to

tease her you want to tease her by using

half met jokes or even lightly touching

her example half meant jokes are jokes

they are meant to be thrown that you

subconsciously low-key mean but are

throwing them in a joking format however

since it's in a more lighthearted

teasing context she's gonna be more

receptive to them and if she's not for

whatever reason you can always just

dismiss them and just be like that it

was a joke for example when you guys are

alone and spending time together make

her feel like you guys are already

boyfriend and girlfriend use names of

endearment instead of actually using

your name instead of calling her Katie

call her love if she's receptive to it

and actually plays along you're golden

and chances are you enter both like each

other but to be 100% sure dare to touch

her as you're playing around and you

guys are joking and laughing touch her

hand or her shoulder if she doesn't pull

back and actually plays along and allows

you to keep doing it I promise you with

beyond reasonable doubt this girl likes

you bad and she knows that you have a

thing for her too

and you haven't said anything yet number

six once all that is said and done start

asking me for her opinion demonstrate

that you actually care about her mind

and what she thinks by asking her simple

questions that require her opinion and

it could be simple like well she thought

about the test what she thinks about the

professor or the class or even the shoes

are wearing or what you should get your

mom for her birthday this is gonna let

her know that you value her and not just

her looks and in her mind she's also

gonna know that you like and that's

pretty much it boys but let's be real at

the end of the day all that works

amazing and it's great but the most

fail-proof way the most competent way is

to just walk up to that girl grow a pair

of huevos and tell her straight up that

you like her then you get a yes or no

and keep moving on but if you're not at

that point yet boys trust me these six

tips will work flawlessly if you guys

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