♥ How To Know If A Girl Likes You On Snapchat ♥

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hey guys it is gogo so today I wanted to

do a video on how to know if a girl

likes you over snapchat okay I can say

personally that snapchat is a place

where girls love to flirt it's kind of

casual and you can kind of flirt with a

guy without any consequences to it you

know what I mean it's easy to flirt with

someone because if they think anything

of it and they're not interested you can

just kind of pretend like you weren't

flirting with them so that's why it's

like a safe place

flirting for girls so I wanted to talk

about some science that a girl might be

flirting with you when you are sending

her snapchats first sign the frequency

of her answering you if she opens her

snaps like really quickly and she always

replies then she might be into you and

normally when people like accidentally

because you know I am on my phone a lot

so I just opened snapchats really really

quickly so it doesn't have to mean

something but when you are like sending

her snaps several times a day and she

just opens them right away it could be a

sign another thing is the frequency of

her sending you snapchats because as

girls were like another one won't hurt

maybe another one one more won't hurt

just one more and we end up sending like

eight snapchats to someone so yeah

definitely if she sends you a lot of

snap shots in a day she could be into

you the next thing to look out for is

what she snapchats

when a girls into guys she will most

likely go for the head shot pictures of

herself herself listening to music or

being being tired or something like that

but her face will be in the picture most

of the time it won't be anything casual

like her dinner or her whatever if her

girls into you she wants to show how

pretty she is to you so she'll send

selfies and they'll be really nice

smiling selfies maybe even a little bit

like a cheeky like boob action or

something like that um so because two

friends or two

people that you don't care about they

think about you you'll send like crazy

pictures or you're just looking like an

idiot um but to a guy you like you sent

like the cute ones I really just got

home from school look at that so that is

definitely something to watch out for to

notice thing is when a girl replies to

things that you send so like when you

sent like driving a car for example if a

girl's not interested in a guy she'll

open actually like up okay and then

she'll just put on weight when a girl's

interested in a guy she'll send a

snapchat back like little cell fun or

something like that and reply to you

what is happening in your snapchat that

is also a sign you should always

remember that when it comes to social

media it's pretty hard to find out

whether somebody likes you or not over

there interested in you a lot harder

than I would they to find out in real

life because body language has a lot and

also people's behavior online can be a

lot different from their behavior in

real life so please take this video a

little bit lightly because it is not the

best advice out there because it is so

dependent on the person and you know

finding these things out over the

internet or over your phone it's just

not the best way to do it but I wanted

to share some things with you that you

could watch out for and maybe she might

be interested in you and you have any

questions or other social media things

that you would like for me to do like a

video on and definitely let me know one

thing I forgot is emojis if a girl since

you like emojis like kissy emojis and

stuff that can be clear sign it also

watch what time she's sending you

snapchats because if a girl's like

staying up late to snapchat with you and

stuff like that that could also be a

sign that she's interested anyway so I'm

going to keep it to that if you any more

questions about either snapchat or in

the other social media things that you

would like for me to do it video on like

this definitely let me know and I will

see you next time bye guys