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are we able to classify a summer hookups

in the same category as a summer in love

like they seem kind of like two

different things to me hey guys welcome

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nicole 1.0 Sam C and down to share with

you guys my top 5 tips to ensure that

you do have a successful hookup and you

won't fail at it now yes yes I have been

known to hook up maybe once or twice

with a couple guys 3 4 or 5 it could go

on but we're not gonna let it happen

number one be clear with what it is that

you want if you only want to hook up let

that person know if you are not clear

with your intentions and vice versa

you're wasting your time as well as the

other person's time if you're not on the

same page it kind of sucks with that

being said don't go up to them and say

hey listen I want to [ __ ] okay because

that's gonna get you nowhere tell them

be like I'm not looking for anything

serious right now I just want to have

fun surefire way to get it in the bag

text them text them like [ __ ]

yesterday you guys don't be that person

who waits around and thinks I'm not

gonna be the first attacks because I'll

seem like clingy and do not be that

person because you might miss out on an

opportunity because they might be

thinking the same thing seriously you

guys just go for you have a nothing to

lose chances are you'll never see this

person again go for it and be up front

number three now this should be a

cardinal rule that everyone has to

follow male or female doesn't [ __ ]

matter do not let the conversation die

because you make it awkward or

uncomfortable [ __ ] have I been there

with other guys texting me that's like

[ __ ] we're like no way I just not

into it essentially what you want to do

you want to press that person not only

with your looks you want to impress them

with your word game as well don't sit

around and waste your time talking to

them for too long without making some

kind of move because that person will

become disinterested and if they were

playing back and forth with one-word

responses I [ __ ] been there don't

pursue it you're wasting your time

you're wasting their time because

they're not interested now I've

mentioned this time and time again in

past videos be yourself acting

differently than the person that you

genuinely are will only lead to a false

connection even if you're not looking

for a connection after you have sex with

them it might be a one-time thing do not

go about it being someone that you

aren't it all comes out with the

connection even if you are hooking up

with a person just one time it comes out

you find out that you're not the person

you were in real life when you're being

intimate the intimate you and the

daytime life you to different people in

order to hook up with someone you have

to meet them am I wrong maybe you met

them over social media maybe you met

them at a party or something

now this is your turn to meet them on

your terms you want to avoid waiting

days even weeks so the longer that you

wait to meet them the lesser of a chance

that you will hook up with them in some

cases maybe you went into this with the

intent of hooking up but you just wind

up really enjoying one another's company

and it actually blossoms into something

more than that one-time hookup now I

completely on 100% understand that you

want to hook up with this person and

maybe vice versa

when you do only this person a

face-to-face don't jump at them and just

like go into it having sex kind of gets

awkward I've never personally been that

situation but I'm sure it sucks I'm sure

many people have unless that's what you

want as well as what the other person's

want make sure that you are on the same

page like let's not listen across any

lines here so with that being said meet

them let it build up of course you will

get to the sexy will get up to the

hooking up don't make it awkward and

rushed essentially with this last point

what I'm trying to say is do not make

the person that you want to hook up with

feel like a piece of meat and

essentially that you're using them you

will hook up with them you will have

your sex with them enjoy the buildup I

hope you guys were able to enjoy these

five super easy super simple steps to

ensure that you have the best hookup of

summer 2018 I'm here to help you guys I

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