How To Make Her Want You More And More!!!

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how to make her want you more and more

hi everyone I am f lenient the I am your

dating and relationship coach founder of

Apollonia plenti.com

and I'm your coach for you men to build

your attraction authentic attraction

Master your confidence and really

cultivate that healthy relationship with

yourself and a woman in your life and

let's get started now the biggest thing

and how to make her want you more and

more in things to say is at the end of

this video I'm gonna give you one line

that is a really good line that is very

beneficial for you men to know and to

use on a woman that you really like but

the main point here and there's a couple

main points I'm going to be alluding to

in this video is in order for you to

make her want in you more and more you

have to understand you want to feel her

fire without making her know that you

want her right so how do you do this

well this is how you do it you don't

openly tell her that you want her you

don't openly tell her all the time that

you like her but you basically and I'm

you can do it in a third person type of

role or you can also influence it by off

telling her that she wants you and just

saying things that are kind of swept

under the rug right so I see the way

that you're looking at me I think you

but that's an example or you can say

wouldn't you like to know when she asked

you if you're dating you know and if

you're seeing other people or anything

like that and it's the beginning of the

time period and you just say oh wouldn't

you like to know this boost attraction

right but then feel it from there

wouldn't you like to know

pause and then say to her I've proud

I've only got my eye on one thing I

don't know if she's standing in front of

me or behind me but it's your guess so

now do you see what I mean

you aren't directly telling her that you

want her you you are fueling her fire

you were building mystery you were

building curiosity and this is so

important when it comes to just

escalating with a woman sexually because

this is how you get her to want you more

and more you can be this respectful guy

and she's gonna say great he's this

great guy and he's like I want him he's

good on paper but how do you make her

feel that's how women understand that

she recognizes that she likes this guy

women don't just instantaneously say

look at a guy and say I like him men are

completely different they can look at a

woman have a conversation and be like I

like her but with women we need

convincing okay and the reason being is

because women operate totally different

than men do we are more emotionally

affected by how a man makes us feel and

that's what makes our decision to know

if we like this guy so the first five

minutes of you talking to her doesn't

mean that she likes you and you have to

showcase it over time either first date

second date third date but you also want

to escalate in the process of being this

respectable man that you already come

off naturally as so alluding to the next

step that I want to give you on this

video on how to make her want you more

and more

is is pace yourself and I saw this quote

somewhere I can't remember and I was

talking to my client about it the other

day and he like had a light bulb go off

in his head when I said this but it was

about pacing yourself and I want you to

think about this in this way if you

downloaded my seven common mistake ebook

that men make when attracting woman I

always talk about the metaphor that I

say don't dive headfirst in a three-foot

pool three foot pool and said you got to

swim your way up to dive your way into a

nine-foot pool you know what I mean but

in this particular situation I love this

metaphor and I don't know where I saw

this quote but pacing yourself with this

woman what I want you to do is think of

a crock-pot

not a microwave right you got to build

the anticipation in the crock-pot like

you're cooking and it takes hours and it

takes time the season it has to fulfill

whatever meat that you're cooking in

that crock-pot let's just say and it

takes hours and it takes time because

you are investing in that time and a

microwave it's quick it's instant and a

lot of us are trying to get that

microwave effect really and not pay

attention to building the attraction

right and the attraction comes in

different levels in different ways and

the only time that it comes in different

levels in different ways if you do it

directly is when you pace yourself which

alludes to the next tip that I want to

give you on how to make her want you

more and more is go after what you want

and don't shelter your ego so what I

mean by this is a lot of times we get

comfortable in saying I'm not going to

do that because she's just not gonna

like it

or I'm not gonna do that because it

makes me feel uncomfortable

or you give her excuse and you say you

know she's too beautiful so she's not

gonna be attracted to me because this is

easier for you because this is what

makes you feel safe this is how you

protect your ego because she's beautiful

more beautiful than you and you're not

that handsome or you don't think that

you're that handsome that she's not

gonna want you that's not the case

women don't are not attracted to a man

just because he's this good-looking guy

women are attracted to a man that makes

them feel great that brings a great

presence that basically has I don't like

to say this but has game and it's not

about a game that you play with her

emotions no he has authentic game

meaning that he knows himself and he is

not passive he is not shy and he goes

after and gets what he wants

I can guarantee you man if you have this

mindset and that mentality in your head

you will score women like crazy because

this is what stands out from the bunch

of them there's so many men out there

that are hiding behind their ego and I'm

not bashing you guys for doing this

because I know I work with you guys

because I know the fact of the reasons

of why this happens and I talk about

this a lot of my videos but what I'm

saying here is I'm not bashing you what

I want you to understand is that you

have it in you I want this to be brought

out in you I want you to operate from a

place of security from a place of ground

nasai a place of confidence so you don't

operate off of the ego because the ego

sometimes holds you back as well and we

make up excuses for okay I'm too sure

I'm not going to like her she's not

gonna like me know I've dated short men

before that's not even the case it's

about how you show up and I know you

have it in you so this is why I do these

videos because hiding behind your ego

and sheltering yourself and not going

after what you want is ultimately just

going to make you either more curious as

to why or it's going to have a counter

effect and really make you sad about you

not showing up for you and that's not

what I want so this is the nice tip I

want to say in this video is pay

attention to others

and not 100% her right so let's just say

that you're meeting with her wit up with

her with a group of friends a lot of

times we just focus on that one woman

that we like right but you also want to

show her that you can focus on other

people and that you weren't demand with

other people not meeting all these girls

want you but you get them to like you

right let's just say she's over at the

group of friends talk to her friends too

because guess who she's probably going

home with if I mean if things go well

maybe she'll go home with you but

anyways I'm going off-track here but

let's just say that she's going home

with these women right and she they're

going somewhere else afterwards or the

next day she's the one that's talking to

them about the night and things like

that and this is where these girls can

help you man okay think about this that

guy last night that was talking to us it

was really nice did you give him your

number I thought I saw you'd given

number good word in right oh we were

talking about this it seems like he like

life loves to travel he told me about

this that's so cool that are you gonna

go on and date with him I would

definitely go on a date with him now

they're planting seeds for you they're

doing the work for you so that's why

it's so important not even with just

friends but just with people in general

is to not always pay attention to her a

hundred percent you want to pay

attention to her but not give her all of

your time and invest that invest in

other people because then when she comes

home and she talks to her girlfriends if

you don't invest in other people they're

just gonna say what guy I don't remember

this guy no show him your presence and

lastly I want to elute to the last thing

on what to say to her when you're going

on and date with her and you noticed

that you like her and this is a really

driver and attraction and also

escalating and boosting sexual tension

with you and her and I talked a lot

about this in my boot camps and I do

this for you guys

in my special boot camps I don't just

say one word we go over a lot and we go

over things like this so let me give you

something to say to a woman that you

like is you look at her in the day and

you just sit back and you say you

weren't the type of girl that I thought

you were and then she automatically

thinks what do you mean what type so now

you've what's happening in her head by

you saying you weren't the girl the type

of girl that I thought you were means

what's going on her head is that she for

a second has to think oh does he not

like me does he like me

this is confusing so now you're getting

her to think about you in a different

way and think about and and really

enhance herself so she can show up

better for you and then she's gonna ask

you what do you mean and then you just

don't give her an answer you just say no

nothing nothing bad

nothing bad and you just smile and this

helps you boost the attraction between

you and her and also escalates sexually

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