50 Ways To Show Her You Love Her And That You Care

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if you are sitting there right now

thinking hmm how can I show her that I

love her and that I also care about her

well today is your lucky day because I'm

gonna give you 50 tips to help you with

just that if you are brand new here

hello welcome my name is Anna and it is

my job to give you endless tips to

improve your relationships and also to

learn so much about psychology so

without further adieu let's get the

video roll in leave cute little notes

around her place and let her know that

you love her you could even just slip

them inside her bag something really

sweet such as I really fancy you you're

beautiful you smell nice something very

quirky never take her for granted so

always make sure it's fixed in your mind

that she is a gift and that you have to

look after her and that she can leave at

any moment if she chooses to literally

tell her I do not want to take you for

granted because you are so special to me

a girl is never going to get tired of

hearing this exact sentence let me

assure you celebrate her goals and

accomplishments with her let her know

how proud you are even if it's something

you don't understand for example she won

in a competition of something really

Galen you're kind of like what the hell

but remember you have to be supportive

of her if you say you're going to do

something then make sure you do it in

lots of situations it's very common

fruit guide to say okay well I'm gonna

do this thing but they're never doing it

now a woman is never going to forget

when you have said this and make sure

you do live up to that expectation don't

just go appreciating her looks yes she's

going to be attractive and beautiful and

the best thing you've ever laid eyes on

but remember she is a person she has a

whole personality as well so be

attracted to her personality to never

see her as a weak woman she is precious

always remember that

so treat her like that one of the ways

that relationships work is if you can

give love unconditionally so that means

you can give away love without expecting

it to come back to you and that's how

you should be treating her love her

without expecting that same amount of

love to come back I know that with lots

of guys they never want to admit when

they want help because they would feel

they're less superior and they lose some

of their masculine power however if you

approach her and say I really need your

help in your guidance in this situation

that will light up her world she will

feel that you can trust her that you can

be open with her and she will feel

wanted call her cute names not just one

nickname but loads of cute different

variations of it and she will absolutely

love it

a promise if you spend lots of time

together try to not be serious all the

time have little joke maybe a cuddle boy

tickle her a little bit remember that

she wants to have fun in her life just

as much as you so maybe if you have to

be that first person that kind of enters

that playful mode make sure you do

because it will really let her know that

you care about her take pictures

together girls love to go through

pictures of them and their partner they

will probably do it a lot more than you

think by just swiping through their

phone and looking at these pictures so

if you can take the initiative to say

let's have a picture together or just

quickly get out with your phone and be

like selfie mode she will absolutely

love it so I start doing this it could

just be something really silly for

example the first picture of the morning

when she's cleaning her teeth she was

secretly like even if she makes out

she's a little bit annoyed she will

really like it if you have the chance to

make her something

it will mean so much more than buying

now a little bit of psychology for you

is guys think that they have an amazing

gift if they have spent lots and lots of

money on it but let me assure you women

don't consider the price in a gift at

all they go by how much thought is in it

and not by the size of the gift or the

price so if you can make something even

if it's something really simple like a

really easy bookmark she will absolutely

adore it and she

be all gooey and filled with love for

you try to avoid at any cost of making

her feel guilty about something if you

have a problem then try to solve it as

opposed to just telling her this is the

issue you've done that you need to sort

it women like to be available to help in

a relationship so if you can say look

this isn't working for me or this thing

that you did or how you said it upset me

you know you can just slowly bring that

into the relationship and say let's work

on this girls love it when you ask them

questions if she says oh my interests

are this then start asking questions

about it finds out her interests why she

likes those interests her favorite thing

about that interest what she doesn't

like she will absolutely adore this and

she will end up falling deeper in love

with you than ever before the girl is

most happy when she feels she does not

have to hold back if you can let her

feel amazing to just say whatever she

wants then this is going to build the

relationship so by letting her know that

she can safely say whatever because

sometimes in relationships girls don't

feel loved or cared for if she says

something and then her partner says

that's really daft why would you say

that well that's not funny never say

something like that again brag about her

if she has done something incredible and

awesome you can brag you can brag to

your friends you can upload a status

update she will absolutely love this

because you're saying hey world look at

this amazing person look at her she's

beautiful and she will love that if she

comes home and she's had a hard day

never try to offer a solution about

what's happened just be there for her

and show that you care by listening and

telling her how important she is to you

and that you love her the best thing you

can do in these situations is to just be

there let her talk out the problem and

just offer your ear and tell her that

she's amazing and that will really up

level your relationship is she the one

that makes dinner

you should really step up your game and

stop cleaning and offering to cook the

meals in every single relationship no

matter how compatible you are they

we'll eventually get very very stale so

you can spark it up a little bit by

going to interesting dates doing

something that you wouldn't normally do

together learn a new skill together and

this will cement a lifelong happy

relationship never compare her to other

people even if she brings it up in the

conversation one example would be Wow me

and your ex-girlfriend we have the same

color hair and same skin tone even if

she's pointed out that observation you

would say oh I guess but I never noticed

it before I don't think so you're much

better never let her know that you think

she is the same as somebody else ask her

what she is insecure about because if

you know what it is that makes her feel

a little bit under the weather and stops

her from being her best self then you

can start to help her along that

self-improvement journey and that is the

ultimate gift of showing someone that

you love them and you care for them to

be slow and steady and to be willing to

hold their hand throughout their life

journey if you are running late then

make sure you send her a quick message

or you give her a quick call and say hey

babe I'm running late I might be there

to ten to twenty minutes but I will be

there there is nothing worse than having

to meet someone and they think I'm gonna

be there eventually I don't have to call

them however it just shows that you

don't care and you are not paying

attention to that girl that you've stood

up now public displays of affection are

a little bit weird now some girls like

it some girls don't however every girl

likes to know in public that you are

proud to be with her even if you just

give her a quick cuddle a quick squeeze

or you hold her hand when you are

walking somewhere she will feel amazing

and think wow he really loves me to let

everybody around us know that we are in

a relationship be proactive in

everything you do even if you don't

succeed keep trying now these are things

that she would pick up on and the fact

that you keep trying to do something to

achieve those goals that you really want

she will see you as an

honest person that's very determined and

that will help her to love you more and

girls absolutely love if they receive a

text message just every so often which

says hey babe I'm thinking of you or I

did this thing at work today and then

this little tiny thing reminded of that

time when we got that so just letting

her know that you value her in your

everyday life means so much when you

were watching television together make

sure you sit close enough so that she

can cuddle you or you can cuddle her she

will really really appreciate it

why not surprise her every now and then

you can buy her some chocolates and

flowers it doesn't matter the size of

the gift or how much you spent she will

really really enjoy that and she would

think oh he really cares women

absolutely love to help other people

we're just creatures that help all the

time we can't help it so if there's

something that she has suggested to you

that maybe isn't the best version of you

of something that you can do to improve

your situation in life and if you

actually start taking improvements to

change your life she would think wow

he's listened to me and that means we're

compatible and this will mean so much to

her so yes it sounds crazy but by

improving yourself that shows to her

that you care about her because you are

making that effort to really become the

best version of you this has to be a big

one and it will solve a lot of arguments

from happening down the road if she says

something is bothering her be open to it

don't ignore it

it might sound daft it might be

something really really small but if

it's bothering her and she has the

confidence to say look babe this is

bothering me and you ignore it it shows

you don't care so by being open to that

situation and talking through it and

coming up with a solution shows that hey

we're in this relationship together

let's make everything work out fine and

dandy always always always be supportive

with anything that she has an interest

in you should be supporting her no

matter how silly

or strange or how nice this thing is you

should be on her team and letting her

know that babe I've got this you go and

do it I believe in you and she will feel

so loved go and help out around the

house and don't ask for any recognition

after it because she might clean the

house all the time and you never say

thanks to her so why should you be doing

something and then expecting like a

round of applause after you've done it

remember if you both share the same

space you are both responsible for

cleaning so don't be that person

that loads up the dishwasher and then

stands there and thinks I'm waiting for

my praise I've done something that I

should already be doing why is no one

giving me the attention I feel I deserve

do it I promise she will hate that

remember how you really paid attention

to how you looked when you were trying

to date her you're a bit more obsessive

about your facial hair maybe looking in

the mirror a couple many two times

throughout the day or trying to adopt

this because back when you were trying

to get together she was thinking he's

really putting on his best self to

impress me and if you stop doing that

she's gonna think well clearly he just

doesn't care if he's not caring about

his own appearance now your partner

should be the most important person in

your life so try and spend as much time

with her as she wants remember she's

gonna be that person that is there for

you when your friends fall out with you

when your family have arguments she is

going to be your supportive Rock so make

sure you give her the time that she

deserves now women will tell people a

lot of the time that my partner just

does not listen to me now I know guys to

this thing where they can focus a little

bit of energy in a conversation and

still repeat back what the lady said

however girls really really appreciate

it if you can look directly into her

eyes and keep eye contact when you have

a conversation as soon as you break away

or start going on your phone and say


it shows that you are not investing or

taking that conversation respectfully so

remember eye contact will help win over

all of the girls now if you both have a

serious discussion

don't do the typical guy thing where you

break off into a jokey situation and try

to diffuse the seriousness this shows

that you're slightly immature and that

you don't care about the main issue so

if there is a serious issue I know you

want to make it better but she needs to

know that you are taking it as serious

as she is if she asks for help then go

and help her

don't do that typical Oh fine I'll take

out the trash and then huff and puff as

you were walking out the back gate if

she's asked for help then go and do that

never make her feel that if she has to

ask you something

you're gonna get annoyed because then

she just doesn't want to include you in

her life and then she will end up

struggling by trying to do those jobs

because you no longer want to do them

when she is feeling under the weather do

everything you can to take care of her

because let's face it when you are

unwell she'll be cooking you chicken

soup she'll give you medication

regularly and she'll be propping up and

plumping those pillows behind your head

offered the same thing back to her

because let's face it she is a queen as

well you are a king she is a queen and

she deserves the attention that she

gives to you surprise her with a mini

back rub or a foot massage this will

mean the world always have her back she

needs to know that you will support her

if there's a situation between you picky

and her and somebody else if she feels

that you may pick the other person that

relationship is going to dry out and

it's not going to last so she needs to

have your support all of the time if you

make mistakes or do something which has

slightly jeopardized the relationship be

honest and open and say I'm so sorry I

apologize now this will help get the

affection back because she thinks wow if

he's honest and very sincere in in his

apology then by all means I will take

him back so remember women like it when

you can speak openly and you can

recognize some of the bad things that

you've done set goals together and this

will bring you together so it can be

something small such as a small trip

away somewhere for the weekend or maybe

a two-week holiday or maybe

getting a mortgage on a house something

where you have to plan over a couple of

months to make sure it's correct and it

will go well is a sure sign that you

care for her be forgiving okay I know

there's gonna be times when you're gonna

hold a grudge because she's done

something that you didn't like but let's

face it is that going to improve the

relationship no don't hold a grudge just

say look I'm so annoyed at that thing

that you've done however let's work

through this and don't be that person

that will disappear for a couple of days

refuses to text her back and then just

appears when you feel okay again

remember that you have to take care of

opinion into consideration when you make

a decision no matter if it's something

small such as I need to get a new car or

I'm going to go on a business trip for

two years her decision matters because

when you're in a partnership you are

also living for yourself and that or the

person so it should be an extension of

yourself so remember any decision you

make should have her included show an

interest in her interests now women will

do this all the time they will actively

try to take an interest in something

that you do whether it's going out with

the boys doing camping holidays or even

just watching football she might not be

interested in it but she will do it to

show that she cares and you should do

the same thing you don't have to pick up

that hobby you don't have to get it into

crafting or making dolls house

miniatures or knitting just show a bit

of interest and say tell you what give

me 20 minutes you can teach me how to do

something and I'll see if I can do it

and this will fill her face up with

happiness and she would think he really

does care girls love to receive

compliments so complement her often tell

her if she looks great or tell her how

proud you are of her or how you love

that thing that she did last weekend or

how funny she is anything like that will

really brighten up her day and she will

really fall deeper in love with you

listen to her more really think about

what she's saying

and why she's saying

it as a poster just standing there and

just takin it in from one ear to the

other talk to her with respect she

should never ever feel that she is not

important enough to talk to you if this

happens that relationship is just not

going to last so let her know that you

value her you value her opinions and you

respect everything that she says that

gives you 50 ways to improve your

relationship by letting her know that

you care and love her dearly how was it

which tips were your favorite I think my

favorite one was the compliments I love

getting compliments just like every

other girl seriously if I'm told a

compliment I will think about it for the

next two months that's how important

they are let us know in the comments

your favorite tip and I will catch you

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