4 Ways to Keep Her Interested Via Text

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okay so can you really get a date in

five minutes well actually you can

especially when you're good at this

that's right texting messaging online


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everything we've been talking about and

where we are now now here's the deal I

really like using tinder online dating

apps and text messaging and I've

actually gotten pretty good at it over

the years and my friends start asking me

for advice and then a lot of guys

started buying my programs and and I

just became known as kind of an expert

in this little niche area and I've

noticed that all of my most successful

conversations with girls over text

messaging or apps or anything like that

they all follow the exact same pattern

and at this point it's kind of autopilot

for me I just know what the steps are

that's really about four steps and I'm

gonna teach them to you in this video so

that you guys can know when you're

talking to a girl and all you have are

words on your the screen of your phone

you know she's not sitting here in front

of you you can't read her face you don't

really know what she's thinking or doing

how can you move the conversation

forward effortlessly so that every step

of the way she's excited to text you

back when you ask her out she's very

excited and says hell yes I would love

to see you she you know she shows up for

the day she doesn't flake on you like

what are the steps that need to occur so

I'm gonna give you the four steps that I

usually follow and they're pretty simple

and they work the same way every time

even with a lot of different types of

girls lots of girls are different but

human psychology is always the same and

these four steps follow that psychology

really nicely so here's step number one

I like to call it twisted small talk you

guys know what normal small talk is hey

how are you doing good how are you how

about this weather it's pretty freakin


well twisted small talk is where you

start a conversation using normal small

talk that people are used to doing and

then at the end of it you put a little

bit of a twist that twists the

conversation in a new direction and that

direction is all about you and this girl

liking each other so here's how that

would sound for example a lot of people

text each other hey what are you up to

and that's really boring and very easy

to ignore but you could put a twist on

that and say hey what are you up to

aside from daydreaming about me and

writing in your diary of course here's

another one

hey what made you move here aside from

our super hot forbidden love affair I

mean obviously aside from that or how

about this one hey how's your night

going and how mad are you that you're

not here having the best time ever with

me right now

it's really simple use your own style

and if that's not your style of humor

just find what works for you but the

point is you say the basic standard

small talk then you put a twist on it

that's more flirtatious gets a great

response step number two I like to call

the high value compliment it works like

this women are always gonna get turned

on by a guy that's a little bit of a

challenge you don't want to be too easy

and with a high value compliment what

it's doing is it's gonna let her know

that she is starting to win you over so

that this is step two where she's

texting you back now she's showing that

she's interested and you're asking

yourself like where do I take it next

well what you want to do next what you

want to think is how do I show this girl

that she's starting to make me like her

you know that I'm not that easy but I'm

starting to get won over by her I'm

curious about her well I do it with

something called a high value compliment

now a low value compliment is what girls

are used to receiving from every guy all

day long as they walk down the street

you're so gorgeous you're so beautiful I

you're amazing I like you so much all of

that is basically communicating to a

girl hey you don't have to do anything

to impress me or win me over I've

already decided that I really like you

and there's nothing that you have to do

to earn that from me

I've just decided it that's a low-value

compliment you want to get away from

doing that in all your conversations

high value compliment is something that

says hey I'm starting to become a little

bit more curious about you and I'd like


no more and you can do that in a

flirtatious way or a serious way there's

different ways to do it I'll give you

some examples

hey I don't really good feeling about

you I say that a lot it just makes a

girl feel good about herself and want to

keep going in the conversation I have a

really good feeling about you you know

something tells me you might be a really

fun date here's another example hey I'm

getting a really interesting vibe from

you I actually say this a lot when I

decide that I do like a girl and I want

to meet her for a date I'll say I'm so

excited to meet you

I know a lot of guys would tell you

never to say that or they think it's

corny or something but at the right time

in the conversation it makes a girl feel

really good about herself and you want

her feeling good to come meet you hey by

the way I love how you said that thing

in your profile

that's so honest that's so refreshing I

love that you wrote that tell me more

something along those lines not a

compliment on her physical beauty or

letting on you really want to bang her

hook up with her like every other guy a

compliment along the lines of you just

did something to impress me something

that you wrote something about your vibe

something about you has made me curious

how dare you start to win me over like

that so step number three is called

planting the seed and I call it that

because it's like seeding or putting the

idea in her mind that you and her should

meet up together the reason that I don't

just straight-up ask every girl out you

know you could ask her out in this face

some girls will say yeah and meet you

some girls won't and if you've ever had

a girl flake out on you

or seem interested and then lose

interest you know your conversation was

going along just fine and then it just

got derailed and you lost the momentum

sometimes I found that I have a lot more

success when I can see that coming ahead

of time and do something to prevent it

and so planting the seed is basically

where you put the idea that we should

meet up and get her to say yes to the

idea of it before you actually make a


and that can take a girl from being a

maybe to a hell yes really fast so what

you want to do is just plant the idea in

her mind that we're gonna hang out

without saying it directly at this step

so for example you might just say hey I

need a really phone cute girl to go get

drinks with would you happen to know any

are you picking up on what I'm putting

down your flirtatiously asking her just

do you want to hang out without actually

saying it and all you need from her is a

yeah I do

I know exactly what you

and then you ask her out so it's just a

way of getting her emotional buy into

the idea that we should hang out at a

phase where a lot of girls will drop out

of the conversation and stop talking to

you and I know how frustrating that can

be for you guys so for example hey you

know I'm about to watch this crazy scary

movie and I need a super dorky cute girl

to hold my hand and make sure I don't

scream during the scary parts would you

happen to know anyone that would be down

for that something along the lines of

that hey I'm making plans for Friday

night and we really need a cute crazy

adventurous girl to round out the crew

would you happen to know anyone who fits

the bill especially useful when a girl

is saying like hey what are you up to or

what are you doing this weekend or when

a girl asked you what you're up to you

can just say you know I'll give you an

example right now I'll put it up here

girl says hey what are you getting into

this weekend standard classic small talk

like trying to make plans and I say not

sure yet I'm working a lot but I need I

may need a cute and fun girl to pull me

away for a drink would you know anyone

know wink wink

like you get the vibe here it's very

tongue-in-cheek like she know the girl

knows you're asking her out you're just

getting her just to laugh and feel good

about it first cool and then this girl

too said oh I might know someone who

could help you out with that sweet could

you give her my number and have her text

me please it's easier boom there you go

now we went out on a date like an hour

later it was really easy

finally step number four is just

actually setting the date and making it

happen and the trick to really making

that happen is don't ask her what she

wants to do tell her tell her hey I know

the coolest place buy my house it's just

really cool like 24-hour beer garden and

coffee shop kind of thing you're gonna

love it tell me when you're free girls

really like when you ask them out like


you may have noticed that a lot of women

especially these days are really

frustrated with guys that are

wishy-washy and indecisive and don't

seem to have their together and

know what they want and girls will get

very turned on and be very grateful when

you talk to them in a way that says I

know exactly what I want and I know you

want it to show up here wear something

sexy let's do this I can't wait to meet

you that's the vibe that you want to

have at this stage what a lot of guys

screw up here and the reason that you

may get girls blinking on you or have

less of a response rate is

you say something like hey cool well let

me know when you're free sometime or are

you out

are you out this weekend you know up to

anything tonight

look you're kind of fishing to see

without actually just saying let's meet

up we're doing this so my advice to you

at this step is tell her exactly where

to go what to do make her excited about

it so I'll give you some examples

you're not gonna say when are you free

you know let me know if you'd like to

get a drink sometime you're gonna say

let's get drinks pick a day when you're

free any day that's not Friday tell me

hey tell me what your schedule is like

and when you're free to get a drink okay

I got a run but this conversation is

definitely not over text me when you're

free and we're gonna get drinks I'm

excited you get the vibe you're just

don't ask just tell her I want to meet

you tell me when you're free and then

when she says I'm free on Thursday

you're gonna say cool we're gonna meet

it this place you're going to love it I

can't wait okay you're not gonna say

where would you like to go you're not

gonna be indecisive and you're gonna get

girls showing up to dates with you that

are like oh thank god this guy was just

a man and told me what to do I know that

might sound misogynistic to some of you

guys I promise you it's not it's with

the utmost respect for women but a lot

of girls with dating they want you to be

the man and just lead the situation

forward and tell them be here at this

time I can't wait you know they're gonna

feel really good and they're gonna be

more attracted to you when you talk to

them that way does that make sense by

the way I know I just taught you a lot

if you'd like to see some word-for-word

examples of this whole process in action

that I can pull from my phone and just

show you from the first message all the

way to cool I'm coming to meet you for a

date the whole thing word-for-word if

you'd like to see examples of that I'll

leave a link below where you can learn

more that's it for this video thank you

guys for watching please leave a comment

and let me know what you think and I'll

talk to you again soon