10 Signs A Girl Is Testing You - How & Why She Does It

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hey and welcome to the channel joy anima

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pretty much everything

so if this sounds like something you are

interested in then stay tuned

and today's video is signs that she is

testing you hmm stay tuned

now i know that if i didn't explain this

next bit

a lot of people would be in the comments

saying girls play games so why bother

dating them if they're just going to

test you

etc etc but hold off from hitting the

dislike button

because just like anything that you want

in your life you are going to put it

through a series of hoops to see

if it is the right fit for you and that

is exactly

like you know choosing your favorite

breakfast cereal in the morning

for example and that's what women do so

in a woman's head

we are bombarded with the whole they are

going to use you for one thing only

so we actively will try to weed out the


through a series of olympic sport like

tests to find the right guy

well not sports and as crazy as this

sounds we do this automatically it's

bred into our brains

to test our potential partners and


on the one who will give us the best

bang for

our book test one she is playing

hard to get is she being cold-hearted

and then warm and flirty but then back

to cold

this is test numeral one she is trying

to find out if you really do

like her for her not just for the well

you know what i'm going on about here

she probably isn't reaching in for the

first kiss she isn't arranging the

second date or making planned with you

yet she gets into you with the flirting

things and you know that she's vibing

why you ask why is she doing this well

she wants to make sure that you are a

fighter and someone that will stick


and put the work in to the relationship

per detective work

of your past us girls are

well we are experts and known for being

the best detectives

when it comes to a new partner we can

bring up fingerprints unspent


no i'm kidding but we can find out a

whole lot about your personality

and your past actions and relationships

just from some

internet digging so here she is trying

to find out if you are a nice person and

uncover any red flags to stop her moving

forward with you

if you are a bad catch so a word of


check your social media profiles from

many years ago

and remove anything that could

jeopardize a new

relationship and yes women will scroll

to the very end of your social world

feeds and instagram just to share

screenshots with their friends

so they can get a second judgment on

your behavior to see if you are worth it

the casual ex-partner talk

how you address your ex will determine

if you

are her relationship material now she


casually bring up your ex-partners and


fish around for some information to find

out if you refer to them as the crazy ex

which means you are the reason for the

breakup or as the

she was great or he was great we just

grew apart and i wish the best for their


how you depend on this response measures

how much of a mature person you are and

a good match for her

talking about her ex yes i know you hate


when those girls do that but hear me out

there is a reason and it's the same


girls will continue to talk about their

exes even in

a long-term relationship so stay tuned

we do this to send you a message

and usually the message is well my ex

did something just like

this and he embarrassed me he hurt me he

neglected me

and i'm telling you subconsciously to

stop doing the same thing

or she's waiting on your reaction to see

if you

make the cut let me give you an example

if she once told you that she found

out that her partner had a separate life

behind her back with somebody

else and your reaction is less than

vanilla and just

like this this tells her that you are

not worthy because you didn't say oh my

gosh what a terrible person

how could they have done that to you

asking you for help

okay come on let's face it as women we

are warriors and we can get along in

life just

fine without a partner we can hold down

our bills hold down

our own look after children manage to

get a degree in the evening and fix our

own cars

modern day girls are more equipped into

life than ever

so we really don't need to ask for your

help but

when we do we are testing you so how

quick do you message us back

when we tell you that we need some

advice or some immediate assistance and


and also will you come pick her up or

sit on the roadside with her

if she is waiting for the breakdown

service to assist her because she went

over a pothole too quickly whatever it

may be

what she is testing you on is are you

ignoring her calls or telling her

you got this speak to you later if you

do that

you just lost major relationship points

now yes i know this sounds a little

silly but

we are testing you to see how you handle

the tiny small things

so that we know how equipped you are

really for when life will beat us down

will you be there for her in her hour of

need so how you respond to the little


gives her an impression of how you will

handle the big life events

and how you will take care of her if

needed she mentions the same place or

the same activity

pretty frequently do you hear i have

always wanted to go here or

i would love to do this thing more than

once over a couple of months

well this is her seeing if you will pick

up on that queue and suggest that you


make it a plan the safety test

now this is a test to see if you will

pick her up on the first date

are you the kind person who offers to

pick her up and drop her off back home

obviously providing the date went well

or when you both get taxis at the end of

the night

are you just letting her go into the

taxi first or are you

the one that gets into the taxi first

leaving her behind

if you end up letting her make her own

way to the date place

unless she has really persisted that she

does it then you have lost the safety


and if you leave her on her own and get

into your own taxi first

you come across as rude and unsafe the

call me when you get

home test now this is a very overlooked

test here and it will be used

throughout the whole relationship not

just the start

do you call her back when you get home

from a late event

when she asks or maybe even send her a

text and say hey

i got back home safe do you say the same

to her

now if you let a girl worry that you

haven't got back home in a normal

nightly hour

or even check upon her when she gets

back home

from a drunken night out with her

friends then you

lost this test my friend she is wanting


to really care about her whereabouts the

friend and family test

does she go quiet when you first meet

her friends and family well

this is because she is observing how you

engage with people who mean the world to


do you introduce yourself first and talk

with them or do you wait for her to do

the introduction

how you handle this will determine what

they think of you

and obviously their opinion matters

because it will greatly influence

the outcome of your relationship with

this girl

remember she wants you to be confident

and be able to

have a nice conversation without being

expected for her to chip in

now one last thing before we go women

will test you throughout the


through the dating phase marriage and

during the children phase if you decide

to do that

a woman is always secretly observing you

to make sure that you are always the


option for her now yes this probably

does sound exhausting but

really it's not because let's face it if

you are not keeping yourself in check

and being a nice person

confident etc she will soon tell you and

ask you to buckle up

or she will leave now do you know of any

more tests that a girl has put you


tell me in the comments below i would

love to hear it thank you for watching

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the next video

take care bye