Easy Ways to Get a Girl Kiss You

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hey guys skipper in the room from Carmel

our sales club go stay I'm going to talk

about easy ways to get to girls issues

so you've finally decided to take things

to the next level but you're not sure

about it so you just want her to do it

so it will be official you're scared of

her rejection and where you'll be

rejected will fear no more I need to

give you tips on ways to get a girl to

kiss you creates the perfect mood soften

her heart towards you and make her happy

smitten her take her to her dream date

or a place you know that you will be

alone with no interruption you can go to

the extent of getting her flowers and

chocolates it might be a cliche but

trust me it works very well with girls

ensure that food have involved a drink

and go all out on the date and it will

be gratifying make slight physical

contact and observe her each action her

body language will determine if you will

whether she will kiss you or not by

making slights physical contact

frequently you'll be able to see her

reaction and whether is comfortable or

uncomfortable to her this will also help

you know how frequent you should do it

closing the gap between you if you're

seated ensure that there is no gap

between you two do not ask for

permission listen and listen carefully

do not ask for permission I repeat do

not ask for permission

this move is such a mood killer make it

spontaneous as possible and as natural

as possible show her how unplanned it

was as much as you have thought about it

ever since you met her just go for it

and the worst she can do is reject you

and that will not kill you but if you

read her body language correctly then

this will not happen to you ensure that

you're hygienic ly prepared for the kiss

groom yourself and make sure you look

neat brush your teeth and shave make

sure you smell nice and look sharp that

will earn you points with her and you

will look more desirable do not wait for

too long

do not waste time

sometimes if a guy wants to kiss us we

know what he's trying and most times by

taking your time and the mood goes on

dying and when you're ready I might not

be in the mood anymore like I said

earlier go for it when your gut tells

you it's the right time choose all the

right time and consider your environment

do not expect her to kiss you in public

that will be hard especially if it's the

first kiss and also do not expect her to

do it for you before her friends

focus on her let her be the priority

read her body language and make sure she

is comfortable with where you are be

close enough and leaning and she will

automatically kiss you change this all

for me today but if you want more

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