How to Get Over a Girl You Love | 5 Steps to Let Her Go

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yo so in the coleman mexico city getting

jiggy with it I'm dancing my face off to

some you take it tall bringing it down

and doing my thing you know I'm saying I

glanced across the club and something

catches my eye I'm gonna go wait a

second for real a few tables away my

ex-girlfriend is chilling and she all

over another dude I'm talking she draped

on his dudes like some curtains and he

looks exactly like me too I'm talking

same haircut same facial features same

style yo this Duty is a carbon copy of

me obviously a poor man's version ain't

no copy this you know I'm saying anyway

I was standing there in the club and I

don't even know what to do or how to

feel part of me wants to go up and kick

this dude's ass but the other part of me

is like go maybe I should just be happy

for you know she looks like she's having

a good time I'm just having fun

so I do the only thing I could think of

in that moment I woke up give a head nod

to my ex-girlfriend and looked at dude

straight in the eye then I grab my beer

bottle from the table and raise it up

the chairs up but then I take them out

and smash it over and said I'm kidding

I'm kidding

what I actually do is think for a sec

you know this girl she was once a part

of my life and now she just not and I

gonna be okay with that

I got it completely let this girl go now

let's shift this over to you you might

have a girl you like or even love but

the relationship is over or maybe it

never even started but if you keep

hanging on to her you're gonna drag

every other part of your life down and

you're gonna feel like crap I know it's

tough to let this girl go I'm right

there with you bro I know how it feels

so let's tackle it together right now

and talk about five concrete steps to

get over a girl and let her go you ready

let's do it

all right guys step number one is to

spend time with friends now in these

kind of moments having an awesome group

of friends is key they'll help you talk

through the situation and release some

of your pent-up feelings and plus you

can do activities with them to get your

mind off of the girl like me and my

buddy Chris right now and we bout to hit

breakfast over at Lake Pan in Mexico


let's do it

cut the quinoa Bowl with some chicken up

in there check it out real tasty and the

matcha tea and I got the crisps over

there with the coffee how you doing bro

he's over there curt schilling so chris

is actually on his vegan grinder right

now check it out what you eating Chris

we got a classic we got the avocado

toast we can never go around with that

vegan or not

avocado toast is always key sometimes

it's a little overpriced though hey I

got one for the $10 here one time Chris

you ball it out bro all right guys that

was a delicious breakfast Chris what'd

you think bro I mean my plants were


well I guess as delicious as a vegan

breakfast could be anyway we're on to

point number two and that is to stop

talking to her you can't get over a girl

if you're talking to her every few days

she's constantly gonna be on your mind

and you're never going to be able to

accept the fact that it's over so you're

gonna stop talking to her stop messaging

her and stop looking at her social media

matter of fact you probably just block

her on social media for now and since

you can fully get over it because you

don't want to see her you know posting a

picture of her and another dude at the

club trust me I've been there and it

sucks when he needs to cut her out of

your life completely so that she's not

there as a constant reminder the way man

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video anyways guys we bout to head over

to Sears cuz this man has been rockin

dress shoes everywhere he's been gone

for the past like three months I swear I

was in the gym the other day I look down

this man has these dress shoes on he out

his mind so we will fix that right now

let's go

I think we found the shoe winner right


what kind of shoes of these bro these

are kappas hopefully they have sizes in


the US feet I think you might have some

tiny feet too so I'm not sure I think

I'm happy sighs we're about to find out

yo hey we got a winner Chris what'd you


I think I want to be like my man Dave

I'm gonna lie to you it's a very stylish

shoe I mean if I was gonna go shoe

shopping I probably something very


alright guys we got the shoes it was

good it was awesome now it's time for

step number three and that is don't beat

yourself up nothing lasts forever man it

was gonna end at some point you know

maybe you did something's wrong maybe

you have some regrets but beating

yourself up over it is not gonna help

instead acknowledge your mistakes and

work on improving them you know maybe

you need to improve your listening

skills or drop some annoying habits or

some other stuff that you're doing or

maybe you just need to screen girls

better so you don't end up in a

relationship that doesn't work in the

future all right guys that being said

it's time to head home

we bout to watch the Patriots game so

I'll catch you guys back home alright

guys we back at the Casa and the

Patriots are going to the Superbowl

let's get it anyway it's time for step

number four and that is to allow

yourself to feel the emotions you know

pound like I just did during the

Patriots game

that was intense bro but there's

gonna be some uncomfortable emotions

when you're trying to get over a girl no

sadness grief anxiety maybe even a

little bit of anger don't resist these

emotions though give yourself time to

feel them all take a walk have a cry do

whatever you feel like you've got to do

feeling and embracing those emotions is

part of life man that's what we all go

to do at one point or another by the way

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it's time for step number five and that

is to refocus on your purpose this is

probably the most important one of all

when you're getting wrapped up in a girl

it can be easy to forget why you're here

and why you're ending for certain things

so it's time to refocus on your purpose

when you follow with your purpose then

women are not your and goal for example

I could time to be moping around and get

all sad because I saw my ex-girlfriend

hooking up with some random dude I'm

trying to build this channel to set

myself up for life this year this is

some real and if you think any girl

trouble is gonna get in the way of that

then you out your mind the point is when

you following your path then this girl

trouble it's just a tiny blip on the

radar so sit down map out your goals and

get ready to work out your next big

project it's time to stop question life

bro alright guys these have been the

five steps to get over a good you love

it's not easy man I've been there I know

but taking these five steps it's gonna

turn your life around and get you moving

forward so let's do them together and

let's make it happen

anyway guys I gotta support crazy

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