How to let someone down gently if you're not interested in them | Comment below TP#1

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hello for our onesies it's Jimmy and

Karina here it's been a while but we've

returned with a fresh new talking point

for you guys at home yeah we love

hearing all your comments and opinions

you chatty Bunch so today we're chatting

about the best way to let someone down

gently if you're not interested in them

like this so let's have a look at what

you guys have been saying online we've

got the sexy bread tear um sexy bread

tin what makes a bread tin sexy and how

do you know when it's sexy and how did

you come up with that name that is

whirring slightly weird although Britons

are kind of sexy I like bread they were

they've said I've got no advice thanks

very helpful thank you for sharing that

little bit of wisdom with us I'll take

that on board and use that in life let

sexy Britain continue Karina I've got no

advice Oh an Irish boy friend asked me

out as a joke once I said no and he

started crying Santa's face it's good

that's not helpful you've just written

in with a memory there's more there's

more Karina yeah I thought so bad maybe

do the whole I'm not looking for someone

right now things then they won't take it

personally okay Connor on Facebook says

I can't help but feel we have different

opinions on where we want this to go but

I feel like these differences won't

allow this to work I think what Connor

is suggesting here is that you just

confuse them with a complicated sentence

and hope that they go away I'm not even

sure Connor even knows what he's trying

to say jaehun on Facebook says I'll just

slowly stop replying until they got the

message yes that is brilliant

no not a good advice I hate it when

people don't reply to my text messages

um sorry with all due respect all you

ever do is ignore me on all social

networking platforms not true not true

my phone is broken

it doesn't sound very cool I don't know

where it's coming chocolate so so what

did I make you do you made me get what's


and why did I make you get what's up so

I can spy on you no escape no escape

this one I think the way forward with

this one is to be open be honest let

them down but do it gently the longer

you leave it the worse it's gonna be

just get it all out in the open

rip off the pasta you need to stop being

so emotional and nice all the time

it's boring here's what you need to do

put in a message I don't fancy you I

never will we will never be more than

friends hashtag sorry not sorry at all

done signed sealed delivered there we go

fill it takes massive yes that's so hard

email who'd you agree with more hash tag

Jimmy the nice one with me or hash tag

Karina is mean she booth Karina please

join the debate by sharing your opinions

in the comments below we've got Twitter

and Facebook as well so you can get in

touch with us there if you prefer I'm

back with a fearless fashion special

this Sunday at 401 also we've got more

talking points coming soon what are they

well as summer is on the way we want to

know what advice you would give to a

friend who's worried about getting into

the Keeney or their trunks that's it

from us see you soon bye

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