How To Let A Girl Down Easy

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Tripp Kramer from www.trippadvice.com. This is gonna be a video that I know

isn't gonna be for everyone because not everyone has the experience of letting

down a girl or breaking up with her but I mean more specifically in this situation

not just breaking up with her but there might be a period of time where you're

dating a girl and you've been on maybe one, two, three dates or even five dates,

ten dates. You guys aren't actually exclusive yet and you want to let her

down and let her know hey I'm just not interested anymore and I don't want to

see you again. You might not say in those words I'm gonna help you out with

that on today's video. But you might be

in that experience, not a lot of you might be there. Even if you have not

been there yet and you're not even dating anyone and you're watching this video.

Please watch the whole video because you might be in this situation and this is

very important. There's some really good concepts here about communication that I

want to teach you that are not just going to be helpful in this situation

but all situations in terms of having very difficult conversations.

We're going to be more specific to the point of there's a girl you're

interested in or you were interested in her and now you're at the point where

you're like I don't want to see her again and you want to let her go. This is

basically my anti-ghosting video. I don't want you to be ghosting a girl because

that's completely wrong. We are mature men and we communicate with people and

we don't just run away from the problems. So I urge you we're not gonna ghost.

Instead of ghosting, we're gonna be communicating with the girl, even if it's

a difficult conversation. Because that's why people ghost, they're scared of

having conversations and to be honest they're quite lazy. We're avoiding

that. Enough of that intro. I know Tripp has very long intros. Let's

get into it. How do you let her down easy? First,

you have to know there is no best way to do this. Whatever you hear from me or

other videos you're watching or blog posts that you're reading, there's not

gonna be one piece of advice that is going to be the ultimate advice where

she's gonna be like oh that's great. I'm happy now, you did it perfectly and I'll

be okay and I'll see you later. We hope that happens but that's

not reality. No matter what you're dealing with,

the person they have emotions, they have feelings and you're breaking it off with

them. I'm gonna give you the best way to do this possible. Just so you know

that no matter what, I want to prepare you that the girl is gonna be emotional.

She's gonna be hurt, she's gonna be sad, she's gonna be angry, she's be frustrated.

She might say that she hates you. She might take it out on you or she's gonna

just be very sad and very quiet and crying or maybe all of the above. What

I'm saying here is prepare for the emotions to come out. Prepare for you to feel

a lot of emotions coming out because you're gonna feel bad about letting her

down. No matter what, this is going to happen so here's the best way to do this.

You have two ways basically unless I'm missing something and if I am comment

down below. But either she did something very specific, and I don't

want to sit here and give you a billion examples because there are, maybe she did

something very specific that bothered you, that hurt you, that made you feel

wronged or something that was just not cool. Whatever that may be.

If you're watching this then you're in the situation and you know what I'm

talking about. If she did that, then that is what you want to bring up.

That is what you want to bring up because that's the honest truth and

basically what I'm going into here is you want to be very honest with her.

You can to be very honest with her. You're going to be telling her what that specific thing was.

Maybe why it bothered you a little bit and just say that you don't think

that continuing to see each other anymore is a good idea and that's pretty

much all you say. According to that, this is the reason and I just don't

think we should see each other anymore.

That's for a specific situation. There might be a situation, most of

you have been in a situation where you're just like, ah, I'm just not that into her

anymore. I got to know her, she's cool, she's nice but I'm just not really

attracted to her. There's nothing there, there's no spark, there's no chemistry.

There's nothing really holding me there and I'd like to move on because I want

to find someone else who I'm really attracted to at is a better fit for me

and they should find someone who's a better fit for them. What you're gonna

be doing is we're gonna be honest too, to a degree. You're not gonna be saying I'm

just not into you anymore or I'm not attractive to anymore. Yeah

that's the truth, but that's a very harsh way of putting it and they might

not take it the right way. Like I said, there's still gonna be emotional

over it so a better way to do this is saying this; I know we've been seeing

each other for X amount of days or X amount of dates but I have to be

honest with you and I just don't feel the connection like I thought I did or

like I once did. You're gonna say something like that. You're gonna say

that I don't feel like connection anymore. I felt in the beginning cause

maybe you guys have been on like 15 dates at this point but I don't know

what it is, it's just that I don't feel that connection anymore. And you know what?

That's the truth! This is the honest truth. You're saying this and it's true.

There is no specific reason and if there is like I said you might say that to her.

But there's no specific reason, you just don't feel the attraction. I

don't like saying the word "attraction" in this case because it just comes off like

I don't think you're pretty anymore. It's like that's not the whole reason. You're

saying it to her like there is no connection, there's no chemistry.

You can say chemistry but I like using the word "connection". I'm just not

feeling that connection anymore and I'm very sorry. What we need to do here and I know

this is gonna be difficult for a lot of guys because I know you guys are awesome

guys and you're good good people, you're gonna feel very bad. She might start

crying, she might be very upset, she might be angry. And you're gonna feel very bad

about it. But you've got to stand firm in your decision. If you come to the

point where you're like I'm ready to say this to her, that means that you're ready

to do it. Anything that's been holding you back from there is just some

sort of guilt or something that's just making you feel bad about the situation.

But the truth and honest truth is you probably don't want to be with her.

You want to be very firm on your decision. Remember that going into

it. You got to go into it and rip the band-aid right off because you're

really just toying with her emotions if you're going into it just to see

how she reacts or if you still think there's a chance, and that's

a whole other different conversation. You sit down with her and you say

something's wrong here but I want to work on it. But if it's over, it's

over, so you've got to be very firm in it and let her know, hey I'm really

sorry but I just don't feel the connection between us anymore

and I did have a great time hanging out but I think it's just best that I move

on. Very importantly I want to add, don't say what she should do because in this

situation it can be very sensitive. She knows what she should do. Don't say she

should move on or we should move on or hey you should find another guy

or a better guy. Don't tell her what she should do. That's her business. You

want to tell her what you should do. She'll figure out what she needs to do.

Don't try to give her advice in this situation. Just say I need to move on, I

need to move forward and I'm very sorry. If you're new to this channel, you

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